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Lady One Horn’s Champion

Tris Carter Horne had dreamed of a beautiful girl with hair like flame and eyes of emerald green all his life. When he had grown, the dreams became nightmares so horrifying that he was afraid to sleep. Then the dreams became real, and he found himself battling a creature so savage it was beyond belief. Suddenly, he found himself falling down a brilliant corridor and heard the creature scream in pain. Then there was nothing but darkness.



This book is a spiritual collection of short stories, poetry, true stories, and songs I have written. I write only the words because I don’t know how to write music, so I sing them as specials in church because I know how I think they should sound. When you see a song, try writing the music yourself. It can be a rewarding experience. If you write music for some of the songs, you record them, and they are successful, please give me a little credit. If you think you would like to try writing, do so.