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Pat Rogers is a seventy-six-year-old woman who is just now finally getting the gumption to venture into publication. She has written stories, poetry, and songs (not music, because she doesn’t know beans about writing the music, even though she knows what the songs sound like in her head) for years now. Her stack of notebooks could keep her busy for a long time.


She has been handicapped since she was five, but she’s never let that get her down. When the local kids played baseball, she used her crutch as a bat.


She graduated from college and she worked almost eighteen years as one of the first two handicapped people in the nation to work as an officer in a county jail. She’s lived an interesting and busy life. She’s a needle crafter, makes jewelry, crochets, tats, embroiders, and loves learning to do new things. She has three things on her bucket list: to ride in a hot-air balloon, to swim with dolphins, and to see the Earth from outer space (that one she probably won’t make).