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Lady One Horn’s Champion

Would he see more of the creatures that attacked him?

Suddenly, he was afraid. Very afraid.



Words are only a concept in the mind until you share them. I hope that you enjoy this book and that it gives you a sense of peace and joy.



A sonnet

This morning, by a rocky garden wall,

I see a bunch of rosebuds blushing red.

The sunbeams kiss each tiny nodding head

And sparkle through the dewdrops as they fall.

There, in the grass that grows so sweet and tall,

Is where a little mouse has made her bed.

And there she stays until her young are fed

Then rests them close and loves them one and all.

I know not why the wonders of this world

Have been revealed such a one as me;

Nor why God’s love for me has been unfurled

Or why, within my hand He placed the key

That unlocks all the doors, of peace for me

And fills my heart with love for all mankind.